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Medical Consensus por Clinical Guidelines

Specialty medical societies, hospital groups and academics from the main universities in the country commonly meet to build consensus or clinical protocols for diagnosis and/or treatment that may guide the conduct of these medical specialties or hospital groups. The point is that the construction of these medical consensus depends on knowledge of clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, in addition to the domain of the specialty itself. Added to this is the ability to create consensus through well-established and recognized methodologies. The biopharmaceutical or innovative medical equipment industry itself feel the need to discuss the results of its new products in the context of current medical practice, and the inclusion in these medical consensuses can be a key step in establishing a new care practice with the use of these products.

TPValue International is composed of a multidisciplinary team with physicians, nurses, pharmacists among others who are specialists in building medical consensus. The construction of medical consensus is complex and requires a lot of interaction between doctors from different Universities and Hospitals. We can carry out the full scope of activities that include a systematic literature review consolidating current knowledge, reviewing international, American and European medical consensuses, consolidating in a structured manner in various formats such as reports by relevant topics, even consolidating knowledge through an advisory board for building consensus among participants.

Whether it is a medical society wanting to establish a new consensus among its members, or an industry that needs to position its new and innovative product in healthcare practice, the construction of medical consensus is a critical step in these contexts. TPValue International with its know-how in the method of medical consensus building as well as its practical experience in conducting medical consensus meetings can contribute and be a decisive partner in these medical consensus publications.