About US - TPValue


We are an organization that provides scientific knowledge services applied to health management and to identifying the added value of products in the productive area (life sciences industries).

Our focus is to transform technical-scientific knowledge to support the development and innovation of new products, aiming to obtain the best price, as well as their commercialization and incorporation in health systems for companies in the area of ​​life science, with emphasis on solutions training and events as well. And, ultimately, providing market access to team outsourcing solutions.

We also focus on excellence in the execution of services with deep scientific knowledge under the leadership of executives and staff with academic experience, as well as in the life science industry.

We have Customized Solutions:

• Strategic consulting for HTA and Market Access
• Planning for product positioning in the market.
• Synergy in value creation by integrating science with marketing in the marketplace.
• Strong analytical data gathering with real-life data applied to health systems management.


TPValue is constantly improving to be recognized,  as the main company in the segment to present innovative solutions aimed at the sustainability of health systems.


• TPValue wants to impact patients by bringing efficiency, while ensuring the sustainability of healthcare systems. To do this, we seek innovative evidence-based solutions through the integration of all our lines of research.


• Contribute to the sustainability of health systems, adding value to patients.
• Apply technical-scientific studies of the highest ethics aimed at the best result engaged with the needs of patients.
• Value professionalism and quality, even in the smallest tasks, always striving for excellence.
• Serve with dedication and focus, especially with regards to objectives and deadlines, to deliver solutions that perfectly fit the needs of our customers and partners.
• Use the most advanced technologies and knowledge available, continually seeking education and process improvement.

Proven Competences

• Executive director with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
• Scientific and medical expertise.
• Dedicated and trained teams.
• HTA and HEOR teams with a large volume of publications and experience in presentations.


• We work to create value for the healthcare system. More than a simple partnership, we want to form a strategic alliance, with professionalism and commitment.

+90 projects a year

+54 clients

We master cost-effective solutions in healthcare management

A new deal that brings specialists for extreme competitive prices

We bring valuable solutions for the best deals


Our mission is to generate Access in Health System through:

Situational diagnosis and Strategic plans

Scientific Consultancy

Communication and Positioning


Boutique scientific consulting firm in Health Technology Assessment (HTA / HEOR) and Market Access and operationalization of new solutions for life sciences industries

Exploring Data Science and strategic solutions to bring value-based healthcare and benefit the entire ecosystem



18 years of average experience for the consulting team and scientific

Expertise in clinical epidemidogy, advanced techniques, health saving modeling, and biostatistics

Training in reference institutions such as the University of York, Newcastle and University of Tokyo

85% of researchers with advanced training in a wide range of disciplines (master's and doctorate)


Team training in Economics, Statistics Engineering and Computer Science

70% post-graduated in Machine Learning, Complex Modeling System or Data Management, IA Programming In R, Python, among others

Expertise in Data Visualization and Communication results


15 years of experiencein middle administration of the public and private health system

Strategic Knowledge of the Sector

Critical and Quick Decision Reasoning

Troubleshooting Ethical Judgment


Our scope of work

Value Based Healthcare

Value-based healthcare management Clinical protocol development Clinical outcomes and costing Predictive modeling / analytics

Market Access Consulting

Strategic Market Acess: Analysis of Healthcare Ecosystem; Patients Access Journey; Stakeholders Mapping & Engagement


HTA studes for pricing and reimbursement; HTA and reimbursement dossier; RW Evidence development (observational 1a. and 2nd Studies)

Medical Affairs

Clinical Development Studies medical writing and biostatistics; Medical Consensus development; Positioning and White Papers development